Canada out of TPP after Trump Nixes it

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The TPP is dead in the water according to Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freland. Speaking to reporters in Calgary after learning U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from the 12-nation agreement on Monday.

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Women Everywhere Should be Embarrassed by these Women's Marches

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Hundreds of thousands of feminists are currently marching throughout the streets of major cities around the world trying to get politicians to pass laws that will force employers to pay men and women the same. They feel there is massive discrimination against women, however when you look at the statistics within proper control groups you find the opposite is true, that men are earning less pay then women. 

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CNN Pushing Story About Trump Assassination at Inauguration

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The Clinton News Network (CNN) has been dreaming up scenarios that would allow their bromance with President Obama to continue into a third term. They are telling the public that if Trump were to be assassinated during his inauguration, then Obama would be able to stay in office.

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Obama Commutes Chelsea Mannings Sentence & Julian Assange Might Turn Himself In

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President Obama, in the last hours of his presidency has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning who is currently serving 35 years in a US military prison for espionage. In 2010, Manning leaked a trove of information to Wikileaks, related to illegal activities conducted by the US military around the globe. She is scheduled to be released on May 17 of this year, instead of her originally scheduled release date of 2045.

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